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JayKay e-truck

Electric Longboard

Pimp up YOUR deck with our JayKay e-trucks! The electric drive is invisibly pluged inside the truck. It does not differ from other longboard trucks. Only you are aware of the JayKay drive under your board. Cruise along the lakeside with light electronic support or go up the next hill with top power. If you just want to feel your muscles, switch off the drive and enjoy the one hundred percent freewheel.

Top design ensures high aesthetics.

The design of our e-truck is straight forward, descreet and full of secrets. No one but you will know that there is a hell lot of power in those trucks! The entire electronics, the motor and the batteries are integrated into the truck – the aesthetics of your board is retained.


Electric drive

Our e-trucks can be mounted on every longboard deck, whether with trop through or top mount. They are designed to be driven together as a couple. The drive is protected against dust and splash water according to the protection class IP54 in the truck.

100% Freewheel

The combination of a well thought-out motor and a patented winding ensures maximum efficiency and a hundred percent freewheel. Due to this technology you don’t have to stop for charging. You can continue without any roll resistance – like on a normal longboard.

Energy recovery

By braking, energy is recovered, allowing you to expand your maximum range. This enables you to brake even when the battery is empty. Because the electronics detect when a driver is off the board, it brakes automatically when you spill off.

More Features
30 km / h top speed

With our e-trucks you can travel up to 30 km/h under top speed on a level surface. If this is too sporty, you can choose a more relaxed mode like ``eco`` or ``slow`` in the JayKay app.

12 km range

Theoretically, you can cross the Lake Constance with only one battery charge. If you prefer staying with dry feet, you should have arrived at home after a maximum of twelve kilometers, drive without support or have a beer in a pub while your e-trucks get charged.

Bluetooth control

Sensors on a clip on your wrist detect the finger movements, interpret them and send the data via Bluetooth to the trucks.

1 hour charging time

The interchangeable battery has a fast charging time of 1 hour and a battery-safing charging time of 3 hours. Can be charged either inductively or via the universal USB Type C connector.

Invisible control by finger gestures!

The JayKay e-trucks are invisibly controlled by Clip, first product from Flicktek –  a startup from the UK. Clip is the first and only sensor technology for the wrist, able to read and understand finger movements. It’s a fast and natural way of interaction that lets you focus on what’s ahead and think forward. This clip is attached to the bottom of the watch or the wrist strap. Sensors detect the finger movements, interpret them into commands and send the data via Bluetooth to the e-trucks.



Technical details

Clip technology recognizes finger gestures from the wrist thanks to a layer of sensors. These sensors interpret the movement of the tendons, then our algorithm classifies the gesture.


Why tendon analysis?

There are other possible approaches thoroughly documented in literature (Elctro/Phono/Meccano/Photo – myography ) that are capable of achieving some results in gesture recognition, however flicktek chose the tendon approach because

• it is more accurate and reliable,

• the sensors are smaller and more comfortable,

• it works with sweat, water, tattoos.


This technology is patent pending by flicktek.

For more information check flicktek.

JayKay App

The JayKay smartphone app offers a perfect control over all aspects of your board thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface:

You can choose different driving modes (slow, fast, eco), get an overview of your top speed, the average speed and the already traveled distance. In addition, your current battery status will be displayed with the remaining range.


Thanks for the great feedback of our friends, customers, sales and business partners! Great that you are so enthusiastic about our e-trucks:

"The invisible design is definitely the most casual electric longboard on the market, and JayKay is not just ONE step ahead of the rest!"

Jürgen Lingg

"The "e-easy-rider" system for my own longboard is really cool! I'm already looking forward to check out the e-drive for extremely long or tenacious routes. "

Johannes Hodek

"Finally, I can make an e-Longboard out of my own board without having to buy a complete package from a new deck with an attached drive.

Verena Gairing
Buy it on Kickstarter now!

Join us and support us in our 30-day crowdfunding action on kickstarter. Our goal is to cover the set-up costs by means of the sales achieved there and to start production in the first series.

Your advantages? You are one of the first to get our e-drive, optionally with or without deck and our JayKay sportswear – with up to 35 percent discount.

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