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"The e-Fin has totally improved my riding! I love es, how it helps me stay in control even in difficult conditions and how it gives me extra endurance. The quality and design are first class and the performance exceeds all my expectations. I highly recommend the e-Fin to any SUP rider!"
Florian B. - SUP rider
"The e-Fin is awesome! It's really good support. With currents or wind, the problem is always that paddling becomes exhausting in the long run and there is a risk of not coming ashore. With the e-Fin , I no longer have to worry about that. I feel safer when I'm paddling and enjoy it more. What a great development. I can really only recommend it!"
Siya K. - SUP rider
"The e-Fin is so cool. I love es, how it gives me extra boost, especially in headwinds or currents. Installation was a breeze and the battery life has impressed me. Now I can cover longer distances while using less energy. A great addition for anyone who enjoys being out on the water."
Hannes B. - SUP rider

"I have had the e-Fin from JAYKAY for around 2 years. I use them for my SUP and...

Thomas Schröck - SUP rider
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"The JAYKAY electric fin is really well thought out. Everything is housed in the fin, no annoying cables, no heavy battery box - just mount it and go."
Stefan M. - SUP rider
"I was really impressed with the e-Fin ! I was pleasantly surprised by the extra power it gives me, especially when I'm fighting the wind on my own. The battery life is impressive and the ease of use makes it usable even for me less tech-savvy people. I can't wait to go on my next kayak trip with this fin at es !"
Laura H. - Kayaker
"As an avid kayaker, I was looking for a way to make my trips even more enjoyable and the e-Fin has exceeded all my expectations! The electric assist makes es easier for me to fight currents and cover longer distances. The controls are so easy. I highly recommend it to all kayakers!"
Lena K. - Kayaker

"The JayKay fin is exactly what I was looking for. Easy and quick to assemble, robust and performant...

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Jörg M. - SUP rider
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"I had a different e-Fin before but compared to Jaykay's it was really garbage and so impractical with the cable and battery on the SUP, so impractical and ugly. But now I'm very happy. The fin works perfectly and is simply a savior in an emergency on long tours when you run out of power"
Franz M. - Sup/kayak rider
"At first I thought the Jaykay electric fin was totally unnecessary. But now I really have to change my mind. Now that I always go ashore on my yacht with the SUP, it's a real game changer in the evening after a visit to the restaurant, as it's easy to get back to the boat and you don't even have to make an effort."
Michi D. - SUP rider
"I love JAYKAY I'm really soooo excited about your fin, I used to have one with a battery on the back, it was so cumbersome but the design is so nice and it works as it promises. I've already recommended it to several friends, who are all delighted with it too. Thumbs up JAYKAY.
Raffael T. - SUP rider
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