Boost your board: The e-Fin 2.0 from JAYKAY

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The electric motor for water sports is now clearer, more maneuverable and more sustainable. 


Kressbronn am Bodensee, March 22, 2024 -
German e-mobility start-up JAYKAY presents the further development of its e-Fin . Version 2.0 makes water sports such as stand-up paddling, surfing or kayaking even more intuitive: with e-boost, reverse gear, replaceable battery and remote control with 1.3-inch full-color HD display.

Sports equipment with an electric drive is becoming increasingly popular; the e-bike has long since overtaken the conventional bike. The e-mobility start-up JAYKAY GmbH from Kressbronn on Lake Constance is driving this trend for water sports. With their e-Fin , stand-up paddling (SUP) becomes a walk on the water - efficiently supported by a 360-watt paddle assistant. With up to six hours of battery life, athletes can go the distance in complete relaxation. In addition to the fun factor, the e-drive also offers added value in terms of safety: the fin can be the decisive factor in getting back to land safely in strong currents, for example. Depending on the board and total weight, speeds of up to 8 km/h are possible.

e-Fin 2.0 with new functions

Following the successful launch in 2022, version 2.0 is now on the market. The further development offers a range of new features such as three operating modes, each in forward and reverse gear: "Paddle" mode conserves energy on the go. In "Cruise" mode, you can drift along at a leisurely pace thanks to the integrated cruise control. "Drive" helps you to maneuver the board better, especially when parking. And if there is a lot of water traffic, the brake function helps you to avoid it safely.

The new remote control with intuitive HD display and integrated paddle stroke counter ensures the best connection with the fin, even in deep water. Thanks to the modular design, the motor, propeller and - now new - the lithium battery can be easily replaced without having to replace the entire fin. This makes the system particularly flexible and sustainable. And with an extra battery in your luggage, you can extend your trip on the water even further. As with the previous model, all technical components such as electronics and batteries are built directly into the fin as an all-in design.

"The new e-Fin is the best combination of performance, functionality and smart design in the smallest possible space," says Daniel Jäger, one of the three managing directors of JAYKAY. "With our sustainable e-drives, we are revolutionizing water sports and also driving other areas forward." In addition to fun sports, JAYKAY also has its sights set on medical applications. For example, the engineers are currently working on special drives for wheelchairs.


An overview of the new features of e-Fin 2.0 from JAYKAY:

  • Reverse gear for safe maneuvering
  • Replaceable lithium battery for sustainable operation
  • Clear remote control with HD display and integrated paddle stroke counter
  • 360 watts of power for optimum support
  • Up to 6 hours battery life
  • Fast and maneuverable: 3 modes "Paddle", "Cruise" and "Drive", each selectable forwards and backwards
  • Suitable for all SUP or kayaks with slot box or US box
  • Plug-and-play with all common fin adapters
  • Intelligent, automatic on/off switch
  • Stepless power regulator
  • All-in design: motor, batteries and controller are installed directly in the e-Fin
  • Extremely robust polycarbonate housing
  • Battery management system
  • Protection class IP68

The e-Fin 2.0 will be on sale from Easter for 399 euros instead of 499 euros MSRP. More information can be found at es on the JAYKAY website.

Designed and developed on Lake Constance
A passion for skating and surfing inspired Daniel Jäger, Benedict Kuhlmann and Isabell Armbruster-Kuhlmann to develop the perfect electric drive for longboards in their garage workshop in Kressbronn on Lake Constance. The patent followed in 2015. Two years later, they founded the e-mobility start-up JAYKAY and are now developing smart, electric micro-drives and axles for skating, water sports and other areas of everyday life.


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