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Travel Experience – Madeira

We have had enough of snow and ice, which is why we fled to Madeira for a few days over New Year’s Eve.

This island was a dream and we had fantastic spring temperatures to skate. The roads are relatively well arranged. The tar is a bit rough, but there are no potholes or coarser bumps.


As the island only has 255,000 inhabitants, the roads are less frequented, especially if you are in the interior part oft he island.

Due to the extremely low amount of traffic, the streets are all yours and you and can cruise endlessly.


Our journey began in Sao Martinho / Funchal, in the southern part of the island. Then we continued along the VE4 towards the center of the island. Over serpentines and passing wind turbines we reached Santa Maria Madalena in the northwest. From there on it went along the ocean coast back to Sao Martinho.


During the entire trip we never had to fear the police, because electrical longboards do not require street approval in Portugal,


We highly recommend Madeira for the perfect road trip and will definitely be back.

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