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JayKay / Electric Longboard Nº 1 “Jack”
electric-longboard-n1-long-perspektive-black-deck-white-wheelsElectric Longboard Jaykay Deck DetailsElectric Longboard Detail E Truck
Electric Longboard Jaykay Deck Details
Electric Longboard Detail E Truck

Electric Longboard Nº 1 “Jack”


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Order a complete electric longboard set consisting of our branded JayKay Deck Nº 1 “Jack” and two e-trucks! The electric drive is completely hidden inside the truck itself, therefore JayKay e-trucks appear to be normal longboard trucks. Only you know that your board is powered by the JayKay drive.

We deliver to you a pre-assembled longboard complete.


This package includes:
  • 2 synchronized JayKay e-trucks
  • remote control
  • 2 power supplies with USB type C connector, including cable setfor your country
  • allen key
  • JayKay Deck Nº 1 “Jack”
    • length: 107cm / 42.12″
    • width: 23cm / 9.05″
    • concave: 10mm / 0.4″
    • camber: 1.5cm / 0.6″
    • wheelbase: 78cm / 30.7″
    • sharp edges for more grip on the board
    • horizontally laminated ash core
    • weight: 1500g / 3.3lbs

The JayKay Nº 1 “Jack” is a symmetrical drop through board in sandwich construction with a smooth concave and medium-sized nose and tail. Due to special reinforcements at the cut out section, the board has an outstanding torsion stability and still offers a lot of flex. The result is a great riding behavior.
 Are you looking for a flexy cruiser with a super smooth feeling when cruising and carving around? The JayKay Nº 1 “Jack” is the board of your choice.



Our patented e-trucks can be mounted on every skateboard deck, whether it is drop through or top mount. They are designed to be used in a set of two. The drive inside the truck is protected against dust and splash water according to protection class IP54.

Made in Germany

Weight per truck including 2 motors, batteries and electronics 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs)

Width (wheel – wheel) outside 291 mm (11.5 inches)

Width (wheel – wheel) inside 168 mm (6.6 inches)

Height (wheel – baseplate top) 102 mm (4 inches)

Replaceable rollers

Wheel diameter 80 mm (3,15 inches)

Wheel contact patch 61.5 mm (2.4 inches)

The e-trucks consists of a high-quality aluminum alloy which is normally used for automobile axles. It forms the housing and cools the motor and the electronics.



Four integral motors

Torque 1.2 Nm per engine

100% free-rolling wheels even with empty batteries

Maximum gradient of 20%

Maximum Speed 3o km/h (18,6 mp/h)



Four high-performance cells each with 2170 (0) are integrated into the hangers of the e-trucks. In total there are eight cells in each Electric Longboard Kit.  An integrated Battery Management System (BMS) protects the batteries from deep discharge and overvoltage.

Range 12 km – 15 km (7.5 miles-10 miles)
Battery-saving charging time 3 h
Rapid charging time 1 h
Charging cycles 500

Battery charging via power supply with USB PD starting from profile 2 (due to long charging time we recommend at least profile 4)

The batteries can also be used to charge your electronic devices both inductively according to Qi or using the USB connection with 5 V, 1,5 A.
Battery pack is replaceable
Certified for airtravel



With the energy regained during braking you can expand the maximum range. This also enables you to brake even when the battery is empty. Since the electronics detect when the driver is off the board, it will automatically brake in case you fall or step off your board.


JayKay App

Available for iOS and Android

Overview of your top speed, the average speed and the already traveled distance. In addition, your current battery status will be displayed with the remaining range.

Three different driving modes (slow, fast, eco)

Board lock



JayKay e-trucks are controlled by our self-developed ring. It’s the first sensor technology for the finger that is able to read and interpret arm movements in a way that it can be used as a longboard remote control. It’s a fast and natural way of interaction.
The integrated gyroscope detects signals from the arm movements. Sensors interpret them into commands and send the data via Bluetooth to the e-trucks.
To trigger the commands, a button must be pressed during the arm movement. Depending on the direction of rotation, the board will accelerate or slow down/brake.
A small display informs you about your current speed, battery status and your chosen riding mode.



Our e-truck is developed, manufactured and shipped in Germany. Highest quality and a long product life are of great importance to us. Therefore, we offer you
2 years guarantee on the e-trucks and control,

1 year guarantee on the battery pack.




Other protective clothing, such as gloves, joint protectors or long sleeves is highly recommended.



Driving is only permitted on private grounds in Germany. The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) met on 25.06.2018 to develop proposals for the classification of electric micro-vehicles and to define conditions. A legalisation will be expected early 2019 in Germany.

Other countries have different regulations. These should be considered before buying.

Additional information

Top speed

30 km/h


12 km

Maximum gradient



5,5 kg (two e-trucks plus deck)

Number of engines


Drive system

Integral (engine inside the wheels)

Regenerative braking


Battery charging time

1 h (Fast charging time), 3 h (Slow charging time)

Battery replaceable


Control via



Typ C


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