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What is the maximum rider weight?

There is no maximum rider weight. As long as the deck can carry the rider, our e-trucks also can. Only the range, maximum speed and the flexibility can suffer under a heavy weight.

Can I also mount the e-trucks separately on two different boards?

Of course! JayKay e-trucks can also be used individually. However, the range and the performance are halved. For the second deck you can buy another remote control.

In general we recommend to use two e-trucks on one board. A single e-truck would only be conceivable for children or light adults up to approx. 45 kg.

Can the wheels be exchanged?

The urethane rollers of the wheels can be exchanged very quickly and easily. Spare rollers in different colors and sizes are available in our online shop.

How long is the guarantee period?

Our e-truck is developed, manufactured and shipped in Germany. Highest quality and a long product life are of great importance to us. Therefore, we offer you
2 years guarantee on the e-trucks and control,
1 year guarantee on the battery pack.


Can I use my JayKay e-truck on public roads | sidewalks?

Driving is only permitted on private grounds in Germany.

Other countries have different regulations. These should be considered before buying.

What happens to my board when I fall or jump off?

The electronics continuously control the distance between the rider and the board and will automatically roll out when the distance exceeds 2-3 meters.

Order and Shipping

Can I test the JayKay e-truck before I buy it?

Via our partner TryUp! you can order the board for testing here. Unfortunately, this only applies to our German customers for the time being.

To which countries do you ship?

We ship within the EU.