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from 899€


Max. 40km/h


All-In Design


12-15km Range


ca. 2kg/truck

New Opportunities

The e-truck that gives you the extra boost to exceed your personal limits.

A revolutionary combination of performance, functionality and design in the world of longboards.

Electrify any long or skateboard.

No matter if surfskate, freeride, cruiser or dancer, no matter if top mount or drop through, no matter if with or without cut outs!

Enjoy your freedom in choosing your board and assemble the e-trucks quickly and easily.


Choose a deck.

Mount the e-truck

Mount the e-truck to the board like a normal truck.

Drive off

You don’t need an on-off switch. Simply push the board once and the electronics switch on automatically.

Adaption in seconds

Four wheel drive

Excellent performance through electronic differential.

The perfectly coordinated motors accelerate up to 40 km / h within a very short time.

The licensed motors, which are produced in-house, have an ironless winding. As a result, they are the only motors that actually have a 100 percent free wheeling of the rollers, even when the battery is empty.


1000 Watt




The body

The e-truck is cast from a high-quality aluminum alloy and, in addition to acting as a housing, also acts as a heat sink. So that there are as few points of contact with the technology as possible, the axis is completely wireless. This means that no cable is crushed or torn off.

In other words: it can be treated and mounted like a normal axle.

The remote

The e-trucks are simply controlled by our self-developed ring.


To accelerate or decelerate, the rotary wheel must be moved up or down. The speed is maintained at the push of a button. Turning the wheel slightly downwards can deactivate this cruise control function.


The display informs you of your current speed, battery status and your selected driving mode. By moving your finger to the left, you can click through the menu, change the driving mode, turn the light on and off and view your total mileage.


The heart

The heart of every e-truck consists of four 21700 high-performance battery cells, which are designed for at least 500 charging cycles.

Apart from the durability of the materials used for the e-trucks, it is the intelligence of the electronics that defines the quality. It has an implemented system that can monitor and protect itself through cell protection and charge balancing.


Air Travel Proofed


Mind. 500 charge cycles

Just electrify anything

With the electric truck, you have all options to electrify whatever you want.

Enjoy the extra boost and open up new perspectives to discover the world.