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Who we are

We love high quality sports equipment, which promises a lot of fun.

At JayKay we have created the best and most stylish electric longboard axle in the world with passion, hard work and determination.

Cutting edge technology for the most fun in your leisure time!



The unique JayKay drive took 5 years to develop from an idea to a finished product. Why is the e-Axle so special? We pretty much make everything ourselves in our workshop:


The motors have a unique development, which gives us 100% freewheeling. The advantage for you is obvious: if the battery is empty, you don’t have to carry your board, you can continue cruising normally by pushing. No rolling resistance at all.


In order to be able to build this special, transformerless air gap motor, we have developed our own winding machine. This coils the wires, which are then glued to the stator by hand.

Circuit boards / battery pack

Each electric longboard kit contains 5 circuit boards. All boards were developed and planned by us. Since we only have a very limited space for the circuit boards, they consist almost exclusively of ultra-thin special components. The smallest part has a size of 0.5x1mm. Due to this complexity, the placement machines had slight misplacements, which is why we must checked each individual board under the microscope and manually reworked it.


The motor control circuit board is installed in the battery pack. For this purpose, battery conductors for four 21700 Samsung lithium ion high-performance cells are soldered by hand. Then the whole package is encapsulated in shrink tubing and provided with a serial number.


There is a battery pack in each truck. This means that we assemble the entire package twice for an electric longboard kit, always consisting of two e-trucks.


Truck beam

The axle beam is cast from a high-quality aluminum alloy and functions as a housing, cooling element and carrier for the drive components. Regional companies rework this special production for us in several steps.


To make it as simple as possible, we designed the axle completely wireless. No plugs or cables have to be connected. All components connect themselves during installation. It was important to us that the boards are user-friendly. No need for you to bother with cables, electronics or on/off switches. No button has to be pressed to switch on the board. As soon as the board moves faster than 3 kilometers per hour, the electronics start automatically. To switch off the board, the rollers simply have to remain stationary for 10 seconds.

Final assembly / control

The final assembly and control of all parts also takes place at JayKay. Since we ourselves manufacture most of the components, this is the only logical last step before the electric longboard kits leave our workshop and make their way to your home.